What is pansexuality? A pansexual woman’s point of view.

What does it mean to be pansexual? Pansexual, to me, means that I love anyone unconditionally by personality alone. Some might say "hearts not parts" which I feel is a true statement. Then again, not many people understand what it means to be pansexual.

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SC Equality to Challenge South Carolina’s “No Promo Homo” Law

South Carolina's "no promo homo" provision reads, sex education “may not include a discussion of alternate sexual lifestyles from heterosexual relationships including, but not limited to, homosexual relationships except in the context of instruction concerning sexually transmitted diseases.” S.C. Stat. § 59-32-30(5).

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2020 Bodies of Knowledge Symposium will Focus on Transgender Issues

The next Bodies of Knowledge Symposium is planned to take place on April 9th, 2020 with a possible second day on April 10th. The 2020 event will focus on the politics, culture, and health issues surrounding the transgender community.

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Award Winning Film, “At the End of the Day,” Coming to Spartanburg

PFLAG Spatanburg is working with Tugg to bring the award winning film, "At the End of the Day," to Spartanburg. This film tactfully examines the conflict between the LGBTQ community and religious communities.

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Transgender Day of Visibility

Becoming a transgender ally is about more than just wanting to be an ally.Today is Transgender Day of Visibility and I wanted to talk a little bit about how we can be better trans allies. Being an ally can mean lots of different things. Mostly, I think, being an ally is about being a safe person who is committed to learning and listening to their trans loved ones.

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