AUGUST 9, 2022
Amberlyn Boiter • PFLAG Spartanburg •

Spartanburg County Legislators Told “Enough Is Enough” By Constituents

After a difficult legislative session where many constituents felt ignored by their legislators, Spartanburg County residents make a firm stand for human rights in the Upstate.

SPARTANBURG, SC – With a small placard in the background reading, “MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY 160,” the phrase on most minds as Monday’s Spartanburg County Delegation meeting started was, “standing room only.”

The Spartanburg County Legislative Delegation consists of thirteen elected officials who represent the county at the state house. They meet quarterly to discuss in-county business, and to hear from constituents on issues important to them. 2022 was a particularly difficult legislative year for the LGBTQIA+ community, people needing abortion services, black and indigenous people, and educators (to name a few). After South Carolinians successfully rallied against numerous pieces of harmful, marginalizing legislation, legislators turned to printed, televised, and social media to amplify their platforms.

After being called to action repeatedly during the course of the year, human rights advocates in Spartanburg had heard enough.

Spartanburg Delegation full rook

Paulette Megee of Landrum gives a peek back at the packed room on August 8.


Various organizations with Spartanburg membership such as Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, SC United for Justice and Equality, and PFLAG‘s  Spartanburg and Greenville chapters activated in unison – encouraging citizens to show up and make their voices heard.

Secretary Caro Dainer

PFLAG Spartanburg’s Secretary Caro Dainer showing their LGBT-supportive attire for the delegation meeting.


Speakers centering their messages on humanity included Spartanburg residents Sevi Alvarez, Barbara Dorsey, Rev. Dallas Conyers, and Deb Foreman. Foreman spoke as a proxy for PFLAG Spartanburg’s Vice President Amberlyn Boiter. Foreman also shared of a violent encounter she had earlier that day which she felt was catalyzed by hateful political rhetoric.


Legislators had no choice but to listen, and they asked no questions.


Many people feeling the grip of this legislature’s oppressive rhetoric walked away revitalized and energized, and the Spartanburg County Delegation heard one message loud and clear – “We are watching you.”

Delegation Attendees

Residents of Spartanburg County showed up en masse to put their collective foot down on hateful legislation and rhetoric coming from our politicians.