As we recruit bloggers for the PFLAG Spartanburg website, I thought it might be helpful to give our contributors an idea of what we might like to feature here. So, my first post as a contributor will be about what the heck to write about.

Personally, I get so hung up on this. What do I write about? Will people really care? What if I start rambling and suddenly I’m talking about the perplexities of the hierarchy within my backyard chicken flock … See. Hopefully this will give you some more targeted ideas of what to write about.

Six blog post ideas for LGBTQ bloggers:

  1. share your coming out story
  2. misconceptions about your identity
  3. review of your favorite lgbtq+ book / movie
  4. a list of your favorite lgbtq+ musicians
  5. talk about labeling and defining your own identity/sexuality
  6. advice for those who haven’t come out yet

Let’s not forget our allies!

While these are all targeted toward LGBTQ contributors, I know that our ally community also has a lot to say. And rightly so. Here is a post for our allies on what they might contribute to our blog.

To contribute to our blog please email or follow this link to our guidelines and application. Happy blogging!