In addition to LGBTQ+ bloggers, PFLAG Spartanburg wants to encourage our ally community to give their perspective as well. After all, what good are allies if you aren’t sharing the platform with them?

As a writer (I use that term very loosely) I find it really hard to target my blog topics. I always end up talking about something totally unrelated. I find that if you give yourself a good focus, though, you can return to that to keep you on track. So, here are a few ideas to get our ally community started contributing to our blog!

Six LGBTQ Ally Blog Ideas:

  1. tell us how you advocate for the LGBTQ community
  2. make a list of community businesses / organizations that are welcoming and inclusive
  3. tell us how you became an ally for the LGBTQ community
  4. a personal story about your LGBTQ child / parent
  5. if you could change one thing about your state/community to improve the lives of the LGBTQ community
  6. talk about a piece of local or national political news that directly effects your family

Remember to protect the privacy of anyone who might not want their real name mentioned in your piece. Always get permission to share someone else’s story. You can even ask them to share their own story and submit it to Submissions can be anonymous. There are more ideas for LGBTQ contributors in this post.

I look forward to receiving your blog submissions!