Transgender HIV Testing Day
On Thursday April 18th, Piedmont Care will offer free HIV testing to coincide with National Transgender HIV testing day. HIV awareness days are recognized to promote HIV testing and prevention efforts in general or for a specific group.

Piedmont Care is located at 101 North Pine Street, Suite 200 and is offering free HIV testing from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm. on Thursday, April 18th

What is National Transgender HIV Testing Day?

National Transgender HIV testing day began in 2016, securing a unique place alongside other awareness days due to staggering statistics associated with HIV and members of the trans community. Influenced by multiple risk factors including race and geography, transgender women, especially women of color, are becoming the faces of yet another population unequally affected by greater rates of HIV infection. According to CDC estimates, more than half (an estimated 56%) of black/African-American transgender women are living with HIV. African-Americans are already heavily burdened by HIV and with the South accounting for about half of all new AIDS diagnoses in 2017 (, it’s easy to understand why observance of this day is of paramount importance. It is vital to our mission to encourage HIV status awareness for all populations, especially to those in our community who are at a higher risk for infection and disproportionately impacted by this disease.

How Piedmont Care is helping raise HIV awareness.

Piedmont Care wants to assist in making HIV testing a part of routine healthcare. Utilizing special awareness days as a platform to promote and normalize testing for those who have higher rates of infection are essential to prevention and connecting people to treatment.
Although advances in medication and treatment are allowing those with HIV to live long and healthy lives, early HIV diagnosis remains the most integral component to healthy outcomes afterwards. The sooner the virus is detected the sooner a medication regimen can be implemented. When taken correctly, HIV medications can prevent the spread of the virus and lessen the likelihood of progression to AIDS. Condoms should still be used as these medicines do not prevent the risk of acquiring other STDs/STIs which could cause complications and compromise the immune system.

What can you do to help prevent the spread of HIV.

Taking charge of your health and knowing your status is easier than ever. Piedmont Care offers an oral swab test with results in 20 minutes in a confidential, welcoming and non-judgmental space. We always offer free condoms and other prevention and education supplies with no appointment necessary. Walk ins are welcome (upon availability) for testing, but appointments are preferred.

Piedmont CarePlease call 864-582-7773 or 866-454-7773 for more information about our services or to make an appointment. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed about events and special testing days and be sure to mark your calendars for our first National Transgender HIV testing day event on April 18th, 2019.